If you’re a 6, like my hubby, you are would love to decide if I’m knowledgeable

If you’re a 6, like my hubby, you are would love to decide if I’m knowledgeable

If you’re a 6, like my hubby, you are would love to decide if I’m knowledgeable

I’m Jenn. I’m a 9. towards Enneagram until after you notice the thing I state.

My estimate is that if you’re a 2, you’re probably already thinking of buddies you need to show this particular article with. If you’re a 5, you have earlier completed a lot of study yourself and intend on comparing everything see as to what i must state.

Assuming you’re a 6 like my better half, you’re probably waiting to decide if I’m legitimately familiar with the Enneagram until once you’ve read everything I must say. And also then you can need to see my application before coming to one last choice. But those are my personal guesses.

The Enneagram assessment nailed me as a 9, aka, “the Peacemaker,” or “the Mediator.” A person that strives for comfort and equilibrium within their life. It’s easy for us to discover both side to a disagreement, locating the advantages in each point of view. I stay away from dispute just like the plague, and I’m most “go with the movement.”

Very yep, safer to express I’ve never ever thought thus fully understood inside my lifestyle. I’m completely a 9. In my opinion, not any other assessment I’d used used a flame for the Enneagram. And I’ve taken many of them. Possibly every person who had been on the Enneagram train ended up being on there for a very good reason in the end.

What’s the Enneagram?

The phrase Enneagram breaks down in Greek to: ennea (nine) and grammos (a written symbol). One of the best explanations for the personality evaluation try taken from Chris Heuertz’s book, The Sacred Enneagram:

“[The Enneagram] describes the ‘why’ of exactly how we believe, act, and believe. It assists you comprehend the presents https://datingranking.net/pl/bgclive-recenzja/ in addition to the addictive models that tether united states to the ultimate interpersonal, religious, and mental difficulties. The Enneagram encourages united states to much deeper self-awareness as a doorway to religious development.”

Heuertz continues on to state, “the Enneagram supplies a sacred map for our souls; a chart that, when comprehended, brings all of us the place to find all of our true personality and goodness.”

Whenever a 9 marries a 6

For me personally, one of the largest effects of identifying my Enneagram means had been the understanding they taken to my personal relationships. It’s not a secret exactly how different my husband and I become . The Enneagram aided bring focus and understanding into intricacy in our variations.

The 1st time we discussed our Enneagram sort it was almost like a self-serve counseling appointment. We both just look at the descriptions of each and every other’s types and stored making huge nods of understanding. It was like the Enneagram peered into our very own souls and offered all of all of us the secrets to discovering the truth about each other.

Stuart, a devoted 6, is continually asking questions attain just as much understanding about an interest as you can. He’s the most observant people I’m sure. He’s a planner, does not trust people easily, and fight with anxiousness.

But he’s also one particular dedicated people inside my life. (a fairly good attribute in a spouse, basically say-so myself!) I would surely think about me faithful, but those other traits are particularly destroyed on myself. The good news is that is what makes us a good team!

Now by using knowledge a 6, i am aware that his question asking is not because the guy doesn’t believe my personal behavior. He is only incredibly inquisitive and thinks about concerns well before we psychologically make it happen. Im most trusting and decisively natural practically to a fault. So might there be several times when I’m happy for their, “think-first-then-act” mentality. Given the exact same situation, I may have made a decision too fast.

Whenever a 6 marries a 9

On the bright side, he would function as the basic person to reveal exactly how happy he or she is that I convince a flexible personality in your. We hold lifestyle light, airy, and enjoyable and advise your giving men the benefit of the doubt. In which the guy encourages us to actions versus indifference, I encourage your to believe people plus the Lord. Despite being different, as soon as we see each other, our characters end complementing both quite nicely.

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Just how some other sets operate

When reading concerning the various Enneagram kinds, it is fascinating to think about just what various figures matched upwards together in-marriage was like. A-1 (perfectionist) and a 3 (achiever) would probably need function additional hard at resting and spending time as children since they’re both “go, run, go” type.

A 9 and an 8 (opposition) would have to be mindful the 8 doesn’t walking all around the 9 and still allows that person to have an opinion and a vocals.

A 7 (enthusiast) and 5 (investigator) may have a hard time finding a fun activity in common because 5’s prefer to create lots of investigation and learning, whereas 7’s are far more daring and extroverted. (they are all stereotypical characteristics regarding the kinds, so I have always been conscious that there are many outliers to every type that don’t match those exact bins.)

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